Rooted in Creativity.

A view from behind the boards at one of the early Gamma Collective Gigs

Singularity Sustainable has roots in the creative/music scene in Lowell, MA. In 2015, Sam Kilsdonk and a partner intially set up a company as Gamma Collective, an entertainment and design firm based around the team’s creative web and audio editing and mixing skills. Gamma Collective was able to maintain continuing success creating web presences for many of the small businesses, creatives, artists, and others who Sam and company met along the way, and over time the company evolved from Gamma Collective to become Kilsdonk Creative and recenter around Kilsdonk’s web design and development skills.

As Kilsdonk Creative, the brand strengthened both its web portfolio and Sam Kilsdonk’s focus on developing the best possible online branding representations through the WordPress Platform and in configuring any other desired system. Sam built a body of experience in a wide range of configurable systems, including advancing his understanding of WordPress, as well his abilities with social media platforms like Facebook Pages, Youtube, Twitter, and ecommerce products like Woo Commerce, Shopify, Dutchie, LeafLogix, and others.

Sam was also able to hone his understanding of the hosting side of things during this period, and to date offers comprehensive hosting packages alongside his web design and development services. After migrating his flock of websites from server host to server host a series of times, Sam is proud to keep his sites in one secure cloud server space and protect them with state of the art proxy services and SSL certified verification.

Most importantly, as Singularity Sustainable continued to evolve through its time as Kilsdonk Creative, Sam was married to the love of his life, Maura Kilsdonk. Maura brings a diverse body of skills to the team, including photography! As a talented, certified photographer, Maura can bring angles from your business or work to life with her trained skill and advanced equipment.

A glimpse at the Kilsdonk Wedding Reception Gallery

Sam was proud to apply his web skills toward his wedding reception: he built a page to accept web submissions of photos from the evening, and used them to create a complete photo gallery of the festivities.

As Sam Kilsdonk continues to move forward in life, his brand too continues to evolve. Thus it becomes Singularity Sustainable: a brand that uses a unique body of creative talent to design, develop, and maintain systems online and beyond to empower its clients to shine- in life, art, business, and beyond.

Singularity Sustainable. Design. Develop. Maintain. Let us help you realize your design visions today!