You Deserve to SHINE online…

… Just like in Real Life!

Since 2015, Singularity Sustainable has striven to build and maintain a diverse family of websites online for our amazing family of clients, including a range of small businesses, freelancers, artists, and other creatives, to enhance their success and let them shine online.

The Singularity Sustainable trademark is meeting your exacting standards for how your business is visually and functionally represented online. Through a comprehensive understanding of WordPress and the other platforms used to create our websites, and a well developed system involving a series of drafts and reviews to ensure that Singularity Sustainable websites match the brands they exist to showcase.

Singularity Sustainable is excited to offer comprehensive website and web store development to you: a small business owner, a professional, a freelancer, a creative, an artist, whomever you are! We are proud to help you meet you where you are with your online needs and your technical aptitude- whether you are well versed in contemporary web tech or would rather leave the technical work to someone else.

Once we’ve created your site together and ensured that it meets all of your requirements, this is only the beginning. Singularity Sustainable can not only teach you to use and update it, but can also work alongside you to continue to keep it up to date. We also offer competitive web hosting rates, with the first year of your website’s life online included with initial charges.

Singularity Sustainable offers competitive rates- you’d be surprised how affordably we can get your website online! For all Singularity Sustainable sites, we continue to offer the first year of hosting for your site included in the base charges to get it online. Reach out today for a quote!

Singularity Sustainable: Design. Develop. Maintain.

Let us Design, Develop, and Maintain your business/work/art/craft’s online representation. Reach out today!


As someone who has no website knowledge, nor the time to learn it, I turned to Gamma for my needs as a streamer. My website was up and running within 24 hours. The Gamma team is extremely professional and asks important questions you might not think of, as well as assistance if you need it further down the road. I’d 100% recommend Gamma Collective for all of your Web Design needs!

Huge thank you to Gamma Collective for putting together the website for my company! I know I was a tuff person to deal with but it turned out pefect- in the end it turned out perfect. Thank you again!

Sam’s biggest strength is meeting your expectations eye to eye.

As a freelancer, I’ve worked with other contractors before – and other web designers as well – who don’t understand the client-contractor relationship. He took careful consideration of what I was looking for, and executed it the first time extremely well.

The best part was the revision process – the guy knows back end in and out, and with ease developed several iterations. As a picky creative, I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Lastly, in times of need Sam and the Gamma Team are responsive, respectful, and – perhaps most importantly – a quality producer.

I’m a copywriter and I work in marketing. I would have this team in my own agency if I had one.

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